We believe that SMB have great potential to improve their processes and reduce repetitive tasks by using relatively simple software systems that are tailored to their needs.
The effort to have crucial information readily available by searching through emails and calling colleagues can hold companies back from investing time more productively. A software tools reduced to the functions that you really need and want can provide data passively and/or alert you actively to changes or deadlines.

Dragon Eyes Software is creating mainly Custom Business Software for SMB.

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Ordermanagement
  • Inventorymanagement
  • Customer Portals
  • etc.

We also operate and maintain several SaaS-Products (Software as a Service) for

  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Tools for Team-Collaboration
and a few little tools for specific purposes.

So that you can concentrate on your core business

We are convinced that companies still have a huge potential to increase their productivity by reducing the time spend on administrative and information management tasks.
Especially SMB.

We don't mean a faster network or an upgrade of the outdated computer operating systems, but the introduction of an fully integrated and truly helpful software system that is build from the start with your specific requirements in mind.
You should be able to avoid redundant data entry, get consistent reporting in real-time and have secure access to your system from whatever device and location you choose.

So that your business partners see you as professional as you are

Customers expect us to treat everyone individually and communicate proactively and timely. But who has the time to followup every conversation, keep every deadline and communicate delays swiftly?

In this respect, a system that is fully adapted to your special business environment can help a lot.
A prospect calls and you see immediately that she has talked to a coworker a few month earlier. The clients wants a copy of an invoice - done within seconds.
Not the time to go through your inventory to figure out quantities for an order? Your system has a draft ready for your review.

So that data-security and compliance are not becoming a problem

If you read your company's name in the press because your client data has been stolen, it's probably not gonna be a pleasant day.
It wouldn't be any different if someone would have stolen your paper folders a few decades ago, but today is a different time.

A system designed for your needs can help with custom access restriction and traceability capabilities. This can not just help you to avoid valuable time to reconstruct data and discuss the level of your guild with lawyers, it can also safeguard your reputation.
Encrypted data transfer and storage can minimise the risk of data theft.
Individual backup and recovery measures can minimise the risk of data loss.

Dragon Eyes

Dragon Eyes Ltd. has been founded 2016 as successor of two private companies.
In that sense we do have 16 years experience in software development and 20 years in project management in IT.

Company history

Our company name is inspired by an old Chinese story that claims that magical creates come alive if one paints their eyes. It is still a common saying in China "to paint the dragon eyes" if an artist applies the finishing touch to her piece.
We don't claim that programming is an art or that software can be magical, but often it's the little adaptions and functions that let a system support a business process seamlessly.

"Dragon Eyes" is a registered trademark (® / 698057)

Branch Offices / Sites

Altendorf (SZ)

Zürcherstrasse 35

  • Registered Office
  • Administration
  • Thinktank
  • Meetingrooms
  • Workshops
  • Software-Studio


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our managing director Christoph Dunkake directly.

Xing LinkedIn

+41 44 586 52 95


Zürcherstrasse 35
8852 Altendorf (SZ)


Articles and News

PHP Version Support

10.10.2022 | Christoph Dunkake

Generally, PHP is following the patter: major releases are supported for 5 years + 1 year security updated only, minor releases are supported for 2 years + 1 year.

The last version of PHP 7 will not be supported anymore by January 2023, so it is high time to plan the upgrade if you are still running systems on 7.x.

Supported Versions

Laravel requires frequent investments

01.10.2022 | Christoph Dunkake

Laravel is a popular framework for PHP

It is based on the Symfony framework but adds a ton of functionality and develops in a breathtaking speed with minor releases every week and major releases every 12 months.

That innovation speed also comes with a price tag (even though the framework is free and open source). The maintenance period for major releases is only around 2 years. That means that your application will have to get a significant refactoring every 2 years. On the one hand that’s good since your system will never get old and out-of-date. On the other hand, if you want your system to run for 10 years without significant investment for technical upgrades, Laravel is not the ideal stack choice for you.

For that reason, Dragon Eyes suggests Laravel only for application that benefit from the degree of cutting-edge functionality that Laravel offers, and to stick with vanilla PHP (object oriented and following a MVC pattern) for other systems and pure backends.

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