Dragon Eyes operates several SaaS-products (Software as a Service) that we developed ourselves.

We are planning the next generation of our collaboration tools. Since we think that a requirements tool is missing today that can satisfy the business and the developers, we see a significant overlap between the CRM and project management capabilities of Cuba and Iqambu.
Therefore we will discontinue Cuba and integrate it's functionality into Iqambu and ACDA.


Tools for Teams

  • Ticket Managament
  • Forums
  • Time Tracking


CRM (Customer Relationship Managament)

  • Contacts
  • Projects


  • Invoicing
  • Accounting


Farmilio explained in 1 minute: English

Farmilio explained in 1 minute:

Unfortunately we had to accept the fact that Farmilio was not able to develop the dynamic growth needed to create a viable marketplace.
With heavy heards we had to shut down Farmilio in 2016.

We also provide a number of little tools and services (most free to use).


Service that generates hashes and checks text against hashes for you.

ID Generator

Generates several random IDs (UUID, Hex, etc.).