We too are entrepreneurs, service provider, accountants and project manager

At Dragon Eyes we strive to understand the underlying business needs and recommend solutions that fit the bigger picture.
Often projects, especially of SMB, lack the necessary skills and experience to define technical requirements as unambiguously and detailed as desired.
We support clients with our long experience and deep knowhow in requirement engineering so that you can concentrate on business processes and customer services.

A perfectly implemented system that does not do what you need is still a failure.

We also understand the desire for transparent project procedures and proactive budgeting.
Our methods depend heavily on the project and wishes of the client, usually we lean towards the PMI-standard.

We understand our craft and take pride in the systems we build

We are passionate about "Software Craftsmanship".
This movement subscribes to common ethical, procedural and technical guidelines.

Usually the client can not fully evaluate the quality of our work.
S/he doesn't see the shortcuts and workarounds we may have taken to implement a certain feature. Even less obvious is if our code is easily maintainable and extendable. Furthermore input sanitising and other security relevant aspects that the system is performing doesn't show in the user interface and functions.

We believe that it is our professional duty to deliver systems that deliver on all relevant aspects at a high level. Only then can the system live up to the expectation from business critical tool within the business operation. This leads sometimes to additional effort that is difficult to explain to the customer and rarely to contact loss because a competitor offers "the same result" for less. We accept this to maintain our integrity build longterm, trusted relations to our clients.

We worked to hard to be satisfied with mediocre solutions

The environment of software development is changing constantly and faster each year.
Today's knowledge and experiences will likely be irrelevant 3 years from now. Lifelong learning is a reality and necessity for us. May that be new programming languages and versions. New framework and changed best practices are also an important factor for us to be able to create solutions fast and at high quality for our clients.
E.g. we are following the work of the OWASP to be on top of security aspects.
Furthermore there are multiple related topics that influence our craft like DevOps that we evaluate and integrate in our work.

Dragon Eyes AaaS

Application environment As A Service

If you want your individual system available as soon as possible and shift budget from IT basics to business logic, we offer an Application Environment that you can utilise.

  • Managed Hosting (a server that runs your application and it's database)
    • Webserver (to make your system accessible)
    • Certificate (to ensure encrypted data transmission between your browser and the server)
    • Backups (frequent off-site backups to ensure that you data is not lost)
    • Latest stable versions of the database and the backend software
    • Frequent security updates
  • Application Environment
    • Modern, testet and secure framework that your system is using to handle
      • Access / Sessions / Authorisation
      • User management
    • Dynamic multi-language interface configuration
    • Fully operational within minutes
    • Constantly improved and updated
  • All inclusive / no hidden costs flat fee

Technische Besonderheiten / Highlights

PHP und MariaDB

WebStack ERP

[2020] ERP System mit dem neuen Dragon Eyes MVC-Framework und minimalen Abhängigkeiten.


Image Processing

[2020] Black-box Einbindung eines Digital Image Processing Service via Rest API.

PHP und MariaDB


[2020] Ablösung einer FileMaker Go Lösung zur Zeiterfassung mit einer Progressive Web App.

PHP FileMaker

FileMaker Data-API

[2019] Anbindung eines WebFrontends an eine FileMaker Datenbank mit PHP 7.3 CURL.

XML Export

XML-Export FiBu

[2019] XML-Export und Aufbereitung mit XSLT zum Import beim Treuhänder.

PHP SOAP client

SOAP Client

[2019] Refactoring eines SOAP Client in PHP 5.6 ohne Socket Connection und Framework.

FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced


[2019] Upgrade von lokalen (NAS) FileMaker 11 Dateien auf server-gehostete FileMaker 17 Lösungen.

Woo Commerce via cURL


[2018] Anbindung einer FileMaker 16 Lösung an einen Woo Commerce Webshop.

SalesForce Integration


[2017] Real-time Update von SalesForce aus einer FileMaker 16 Lösung (via Rest API).



[2017] Anbindung eines Webservice an eine FileMaker 16 Lösung mit cURL und JSON.

Bento 4


[2017] Migration einer 300 GB Bento 4 Datenbank in eine neuen FileMaker-Lösung.

FileMaker 13 Update

Update auf FileMaker 16

[2017] Update eines FileMaker 13 Systems auf FileMaker 16 (Server-Lösung).

Datenaustausch über CSV-Dateien


[2017] Import von CSV-Dateien zur Weiterverarbeitung in einem neuen Statistik-Tool (FileMaker 16).

FileMaker Server


[2017] Upgrade eines physischen FileMaker Server 15 auf einen virtuellen FileMaker Server 16.

FileMaker Server


[2017] Update eines FileMaker 13 Systems auf eine FileMaker 16 Server-Lösung.

PHP 5.6

PHP Front-Ends

[2016] Design und Programmierung von PHP / HTML5 Front-Ends für ein FileMaker-System.

Why we do it