Tools for Teams


for Iqambu version 2.x

We are working on Iqambu version 4 which will have an all new documentation.
If you have questions or suggestions please contact us by email {Support}.
Many thanks for your understanding!

Project Structure

  • Projects (e.g. "Support NewCorp-ERP") have

  • Tickets (e.g. "Export Accounts Receivables") that in turn can have

  • Comments (e.g. "Is Excel sufficient or is CSV also necessary?").

User Account

A new User Account is created by registration or invitation to a ticket-project or forum by an administrator.

In both cases it is necessary to click the confirmation link in the email send by “notifications @” (please make sure to check your spam folder) to activate the account.

New Projects

Every user can create new projects.

Each project has individual "project members" (users that can view and modify tickets).

Projects are not limited to an organization.

Projects can have any number of members.

Ticket Status

  • open = ticket is ready to be worked on
  • in progress
  • wait = the responsible is waiting for feedback by the requester (e.g. button red or green; budget approval etc.)
  • done = done from the perspective of the responsible (possibly subject to acceptance by requester)
  • deleted = ticket is not supposed to be worked on (anymore)


Files / attachments are always linked to comments.

A comment can have text or an attachment or both.

Comments are listed in descending creation time (the newest upmost). If you want to create a multi file comment set, you should upload the attachments in inverted order: screenshot 3 then screenshot 2 then text and screenshot 1 so that they are displayed in the desired order.

Iqambu supports several different file formats with a maximum file size of 3 MB.