Design and create Custom Business Software

You can manage the critical aspects of your business with Excel spread sheets and physical binders.
You can also excavate the foundation of a house with shovels. That has worked well for many years.
But you can also invest into an hydraulic excavator to get the job done faster and save yourself the physical labor.

If you let us create a software system that is tailor made to your specific needs and requirements it's not a minor investment. But the impact on your day to day business operation will not be minor either.

Often a combination of COTS-software (Commercial Of The Shelf / Standardsoftware) and custom modules is the best fit to requirements and budget.

Good tooling and machines always for themselves in the long term

Systems that integrate seamlessly into your application landscape

Redundant manual data entries lead to

  • additional time and effort
  • are a source of errors
  • make your information unreliable since one system might show a different state of an order than another since updates have not been entered simulantiously

Most system have APIs (interfaces to exchange data with other systems) nowadays.
Since we think that the option to harmonise the data and state across whole system groups is extremely valuable we are working intently in this area, support colleagues and give speeches at conferences.

Software that is maintainable and extendable for a long time

An ERP system should have a life expectancy with full coverage of all business requirements and good performance of 6 to 8 years.
For that it not only needs to function well in the beginning but it has to be maintainable, meaning the code base has to be set up to be well structured and implemented using technologies that will receive updates for as long as possible.

Software systems that have to adapt to changing requirements are better compared to gardens than to buildings. To stay on top of the business expectations frequent care is required. If that is neglected for to long, there will be a point when nobody dares to change anything because the consequences can not predicted anymore. Changes will take longer and the stability will suffer.
Therefore a constant cooperation between you and the development team of your trust is essential.


Design und Umsetzung einer 2.0 Version einer internen Lösung zum Erfassung, Archivierung und Auswertung von Testergebnissen.
Neues Setup als FileMaker 17 Server / FileMaker Pro und WebDirect Clients.
Entwickler-Support und technisches Lösungsdesign einer Startup-Lösung für Baumanagement, Kommunikation und Dokumentenmanagement.
Systemintegration FileMaker 16 und WordPress / WooCommerce via Rest-API.
Projektleitung der Migration von 3'200 Servern in ein zentrales RZ (EMEA).
Konsolidierung von 62 RZ-Standorten.
Setup von Projektorganisation und Migrationsprozessen.
Setup einer Migration-Factory für Server-Moves.
Prozess- und Governancedesign.
Knowledge-Transfer in die Linienorganisation.
Programmleitung des 2nd Generation Outsourcings (550 Server).
Steuerung der Projekte Move, Legal und HR, Contracting und SLA.
Governance und Compliance Beratung.
Vorprüfungsdesign in Abstimmung mit Wirtschaftsprüfern.
Streamleitung eines weltweiten Desktop-Service Outsourcing Vorhabens.
Überarbeitung der bestehenden Datenstrukturen.
Neubau einer Rent-Lösung.
Software-Portfolio Optimierungsprojekt.
Neudefinition von Benutzergruppen und Auswahlkriterien.
Governance- and Control-Office für ein RZ-Outsourcing Projekt (Softbuild).
Projektleitung eines IT-Architektur Re-Start Projektes.
Prozessdokumentation und -optimierung.
Leitung eines Service-Improvement Programms für Outsourcing-Services mit 21 Projekten.
Startup Aufbau:

Entwicklung von diversen (internen) Systemen: Finanzbuchhaltung, Text- und Lable-Management, CRM, ...
Design und Projektleitung der Plattformentwicklung (Online-Service)
Entwicklung einer Professionalisierungsagenda
Projektleitung des RZ-Move Projektes (Outsourcing von 1'200 virtuellen Servern).
Entwicklung eines Datenbank-Systems zur Move-Planung und Individualisierung.
Aufbau eines indirekten Verkaufskanals über Agenturen und Endkunden-Marketing.
Einführung eines Marktdaten-Webservice.
Definition eines Finanzdaten-Portals für mobile Nutzung.
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